Starting Whole30, Starting a New Path

I’m back – after several weight loss journeys I am back up to my top weight. Technically a couple of pounds over but still around the same weight. My last two “diets” were based on the Weight Watchers program so I thought I’d do something different this time. Tracking – for me – is just not sustainable. I need a change in my eating patterns, not counting everything I eat day after day.

Our best friends, Sherry & EJ, started down the paleo path last fall and wow, they are our inspiration! EJ alone has lost almost 100 lbs in less than a year, solely on diet. And Sherry is down 4 dress sizes! We have dinner with them almost every week and have experienced some delicious paleo recipes. Between the great food and the undeniable results, it wasn’t hard to convince us that this was something we wanted to try.

So, today my husband and I are starting Whole30 (basically paleo with a few additional restrictions for 30 days with a focus on removing all sugars from your diet). In preparation for going paleo I cleaned out our pantry and got rid of non-compliant items (OK, there is still one shelf of non-paleo down at the bottom). I’ve been subscribing to various paleo website newsletters and this weekend I planned a menu for the week. Check out some of the paleo recipes I’ve been pinning.

We then spent all day Sunday shopping! We bought new lunch boxes and containers and then hit a few grocery stores to buy recipe ingredients and some paleo compliant pantry staples, some we didn’t even know existed (like arrowroot root powder and coconut aminos). This was a nice checklist I used for guidance.

You know what was eye opening as we read labels? How sugar is in *everything* (chicken broth, sausage, soups, mayo, everything). But if you look hard enough, you can find a sugar-free version. Which begs the question, if there is one sugar-free version, why aren’t there more?

Yesterday we (well, my husband) cooked one of the recipes I picked and we packed our lunches for the workday. We also finished throwing out more non-compliant items, this time from our fridge. I thought it would be harder (OK, it was hard to see food wasted) but in reality, some of the stuff we threw away was old and out of date. Also, the fridge and pantry look so nice and the fridge has so much  more room when you get rid of all the bottled stuff. We cleared out a whole shelf and two of the door shelves. It actually feels very liberating. I am both anxious and excited to start down the paleo journey…

And I’ll be here, once again, jotting down my thoughts. I hope you’ll join me!







2 responses

  1. Good luck! Let Sherry and I know at any time if you have any questions!!!

  2. […] my introductory post said, I’ve tried dieting using Weight Watchers a few times now and each time I did lose 20 […]

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