Article: Succeed at Changing your Diet

As my introductory post said, I’ve tried dieting using Weight Watchers a few times now and each time I did lose 20 lbs… all to regain it again. So why did I fail?

Well, I think this article provides some insight:

How to Succeed at Changing your Diet When You’ve Failed Before

This quote at the beginning really speaks to me:

You didn’t fail a diet. The diet failed you. Yes, you can change yourself to be a healthier eater, but you can also change your diet to be a better fit for your own personality and eating style. Successful diet change isn’t about white-knuckling through a miserable life on willpower alone; it’s about learning from your past failures to make a reasonable plan that doesn’t require any white-knuckling in the first place!

The article goes on to mention that you we should not use willpower, or lack of it, as an excuse. On that same note, we should also let the past go and make change moving forward.

I’ll leave this final thought…





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