Trying out Pilates

I hate exercise. I am jealous of those who enjoy it or at the very least, feel invigorated after a workout or any physical activity. I feel the opposite. I feel drained and usually hungrier than ever! Still, I know it’s a necessary evil. Every study out there shows we must remain active to stay healthy as we get older.

In the past I’ve tried various things – more recently bike riding (often too hot or too rainy to ride) and Zumba (I have become too uncoordinated and the routines were complicated, I was getting flustered).  We have a treadmill in our bedroom and I have also gotten on it and walked a few miles while watching TV. But, I never stuck with anything and I know I needed to do something. I tried to do a small workout on the machines at the gym (with some guidance from a friend who is a personal trainer)  but the gym experience was not for me. People hog the machines I needed and I was just not comfortable.

Over the years I had read about Pilates and was interested in the concept – it seemed up my alley. It is low-impact with a focus on core strength and balance and flexibility. The gym I had a membership to though does not offer it and the friend who helped me above, who is a certified Pilates instructor, was way too far of a drive for me. I put the thought aside… until I went to lunch with a friend recently and he mentioned that he had taken some Pilates classes just down the street from my home and office. I called, met the instructor, liked what she had to offer and have signed up for classes twice a week. Her gym is what I was looking for – it is small and intimate with only six machines (they are called Reformers, you can see the pic below). The small class size lets the instructor personalize the workout for each person. While we may all be doing the same exercise, we are doing it at different spring tensions, with or without a box on the machine, each doing the number of reps appropriate for our level.


I am not doing it for weight loss (that is what the change in diet is for) but rather to try to build some strength again. I know I will need to get some cardio in at some point but I’m not worrying about that just quite yet. Maybe when I am ready I will get back to the treadmill or convince my husband to join me at the gym for some laps in the pool.

I have been to five classes and I do find myself slightly sore but never so sore that I am pain the next day. And the hour class seems to go by quickly. I usually am looking at the clock every ten minutes during any other type of exercise but in Pilates I may only glance at it once. I am glad I found this place less than 2 miles from my home and from my office so I have no excuse since it is literally on my way home from work!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!







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