Shopping Paleo at HEB

When we started this journey we cleared out our pantry and refrigerator of non-compliant items. That left us with a pretty bare pantry & fridge so with some research and various lists in our hands from paleo books and websites, we restocked with some basic paleo items.

As we rework our eating habits we also have to rework our grocery shopping habits. We live in sort of a “food dessert” with the nearest good grocery store several miles away. So now we plan our meals out a week ahead and hit the grocery store each weekend when we have more time and can go a little further out to the better stocked grocery stores. Right now our more traditional favorite stores are H-E-B and Sprouts, both Texas based chains.

If you live in Texas, then you will recognize the name H-E-B and Sprouts. They are the best grocery stores in our area and pride themselves on stocking high-quality items with a good variety of organic and locally sourced choices. That being said, they are way more accessible than a Whole Foods in terms of price. Between H-E-B and Sprouts though, although comparable in price, Sprouts loses out to H-E-B because they simply don’t have the variety since H-E-B carries all the big brand names you expect to see as well (neither Sprouts or Whole Foods does).

With that in mind, H-E-B is a good place to grab some paleo-compliant groceries. The list below is definitely not conclusive –  it’s just based on a couple of our visits. The list is also for me to keep track of brands we have found that a) are paleo and b) we actually like. Reading through all the ingredients on so many items is time-consuming and such few end up being compliant that I want to remember the names!

So, besides a good beef, chicken, seafood and produce section with lots of organic (and grass fed and hormone free as they apply) options, H-E-B also has large gluten-free section but not much there since most GF foods have sugar or soy or rice which are not paleo. We did find the coconut aminos sauces in that section though so it never hurts to look!

Additional paleo items we have found:

Below is our haul from a recent shopping trip… Please excuse the beef links in the 2nd picture – they were bought at Costco – which I will write about separately.

If you are in Texas and shop at H-E-B, do you have any favorites not on our list?






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