Week 3 of Whole30

75% done with Whole30!

Here are my observations this week:

  • No headaches really!
  • Still not feeling any smaller. Clothes fits the same, again, maybe a tad looser.
  • Keeping up with Pilates twice a week
  • We slacked on our pre-planned menu this week and only ended up making one of our pre-selected recipes. Instead, we made quick, still compliant but not as fancy dinners.
  • Been a bit frustrated when eating out – have not feel 100% great about my selections but know I did the best I could under the circumstances. I think the one I really regret is the bagged potato chips.
  • Cravings – still am really bored with limited drink selection, still snacking  too much
  • Still too much fruit but I did eat less bananas and more berries.

Week 3 Meals:

  • leftover Slow Cooked Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Beef Stew
  • leftover sausages with fried plantains
  • fried eggs, bacon & sausage
  • Grilled Lemon Rosemary chicken w/ mixed root veggies
  • scrambled eggs with mini peppers, chopped prosciutto & onions & bacon on the side
  • Zucchini Pasta with Chicken and Scallion Avocado Sauce (we didn’t have scallions so we used fresh chives from my garden)
  • Whole30 Shepherd’s Pie (from their book) – used sweet mini peppers instead of carrots, added some Penzey’s Fox Point seasoning

Eating Out:

  • Cracker Barrel Scrambled Eggs, Sausages & Potatoes (no bread, no grits, no hashbrown casserole) with a small side of fruit (mostly berries)
  • At Sherry’s – pulled pork with homemade paleo bbq sauce, Brussels sprouts with bacon and roasted sweet potato half
  • At Mom’s – Cuban picadillo and plantain tostones (Mom only cooks in olive oil)
  • At a commercial shoot for work – Fudds burger – beef patty alone – and potato chips (questionable, I know)
  • Pronto Cucina – half roasted chicken with green beans (upset they had no selection of side items that had no cheese or bread crumbs – even the green beans had parmesan and bread crumbs but it was barely noticeable so I let it go)


  • raspberries, bananas, cherries,  apples, dried fruit
  • mixed salted nuts (no peanuts of course)
  • Sweet & Salty Bacon Egg Muffins
  • boiled eggs

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