Last week of Whole30!

Sorry this post is a week late but we have made it through our first Whole30!

Here are my observations on the final week:

  • I felt my pants were looser but I did not realize I had lost 9 lbs! I am officially back under 200 again and hit my 1st goal. It’s been a couple of years I think since I had been under that threshold. I seemed to have been holding steady between 206 & 208 for a long while.
  • I now actually like apples & almond butter.
  • Still missing a few items but I’m resisting temptations pretty well… even when you shoot a toddler’s birthday portraits with Krsipy Kreme donuts instead of cake. They looked so delicious but I was good!

Week 4 Meals:

  • leftover Whole30 Shepherd’s Pie (from their book) – used sweet mini peppers instead of carrots, added some Penzey’s Fox Point seasoning
  • Grilled chicken breast with various veggies (had this several times)
  • InstaPot Mole Pulled Pork (pork shoulder) with homemade chili sauce, sauteed mushrooms and sweet fried plantain slices
  • Bacon-wrapped scallops with baked Brussels sprouts (also with bacon)
  • Sous-vide beef filet with fried plantains
  • Paleo Swedish Meatballs (ground beef & turkey) & Cauliflower Couscous (added some celery)

Eating Out:

  • Fajita Willies beef fajitas & gaucamole (skip the tortillas)
  • Fuddruckers beef patty & hot dog with shredded lettuce (working lunch
  • Luby’s Blackened Tilapia with green beans and zucchini/summer squash mix
  • Skewers gyro meat with side salad and grilled veggies
  • Logan’s Roadhouse Chopped Steak, grilled mushroom skewer & house salad with balsamic vinaigrette


  • raspberries, grapes
  • apples with almond butter
  • mixed salted nuts (no peanuts of course)
  • boiled eggs
  • Larabar lemon bar
  • Bare Apple Chips

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