2nd Goal Met! 10 lbs down…

image Yay! I met my 2nd goal with this morning’s official weekly weigh-in – I’m down 10.6 lbs! The transition from Whole30 to Paleo has been good. I’m still avoiding dairy in most forms but I have allowed for cheese as garnish on some dishes (like real grated Parmesan or queso fresco). I’ve reintroduced my almond milk using it as my “creamer” in my coffee. Also made my 1st paleo baked good – these lemon blueberry muffins* to be exact – since we can now have honey in moderation. Hope I can keep taking off a pound a week!

* Sherry gave me a tip and said that paleo baked goods tend to stick to the paper muffin baking cups and to try using silicone ones. I bought these and they worked great! I love the colors too!



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