Baking Paleo Muffins

Once imageWhole 30 was done and both honey and baked sweets was allowed, I’ve tried my hand at a couple of paleo muffins.

I did follow Sherry‘s advice though and I bough these great silicone muffin cups online (less than $7 for 24!) since she warned me that the various paleo flours when baked tend to stick to regular liners more than regular baked goods. These things have worked perfectly and I love the bright colors!

My first attempt at paleo muffins were these Lemon-Blueberry Paleo Muffins. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of them. The texture was different than standard muffins due to the almond flour and they were almost a bit too moist – I might try less lemon juice next time but the flavor was good. I did add a few more blueberries than the recipe called for. I also tried the “sprinkles” topping (lemon juice & coconut sugar) but felt it didn’t really add anything to the muffin so I’ll just skip it next time. So, yea, the recipe is a keeper and will stay in my recipe book.

My second attempt were these *delicious* Paleo Chocolate Banana Muffins. I did take a photo of these! I brought some to work so I don’t end up eating all of them myself and they were well received. Be warned though – you can taste the banana in these so I don’t recommend these if you don’t like bananas.

I must confess – I did use semi-sweet mini morsels instead of more paleo friendly dark chocolate ones because I still had some in my pantry. Next time I bake these I will use the dark chocolate ones. Although, to be honest, the mini morsels were a perfect size (vs. regular size chocolate chips) and I don’t think I have ever seen dark chocolate mini morsels. Also, the topping wasn’t paleo, but again, it’s what I had in my pantry.¬† If you feel like breaking the rules a bit too, I recommend Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Dessert Topping. It was perfect for these muffins! These are also staying the recipe book but will only be made as an occasional treat since they were rather decadent but oh so good!




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