Hitting another milestone!

30-lbs-30So, at today’s weigh-in I am officially down exactly 30 lbs. That was one of my milestones. Another milestone I hit last week was getting into the 170′s… Yay me!

This has been a slow journey for sure – 6 months to lose 30 lbs which averages out to only 5 lbs a month – but as I looked back at my weekly weight loss journal, I have lost weight practically every single week, even if it was just 0.2 lbs. What’s weird is since it hasn’t been drastic, it’s hard for me to physically see it on me – especially my face. I still feel like I look the same. I do get a few comments here and there but again, it’s been gradual and that’s OK.

Where I *am* noticing it is in my clothing. At my largest I was wearing 18 in pants, squeezing into some 16s. It was also hard to find those sizes and have them look consistently good on me. Nowadays I can try on a size 14 and it does consistently look good on me. They are not tight (some are even loose now) and I have even been able to buy a couple of 12s (still a tad tight & wearable but I anticipate they will fit fine within a month). I used to wear Large or even XL shirts (especially button down shirts) but now I have found that some Larges are too big. This past weekend I was even able to get a Medium in one of the shirts! Needless to say, shopping has become a little easier and clothes just fits me better than it used to at larger sizes. There are more options at size 12-14 including wearing skinny legged jeans and pants for the 1st time in my life and actually looking cute in them!

Besides sticking with the Paleo-Dairy diet, I do continue to go to Pilates twice a week. I feel good in class and can do the exercises confidently. I really enjoy the class atmosphere and my instructor and have increased my spring tensions on several of the exercises as I’ve gotten stronger. Since I won’t be able to go to class for 2 weeks while we are in Spain, I’ve asked my instructor to design a 15-20 minute routine I can do without equipment at our Airbnb. I’ll have a personal training session with her next week to see what she put together. I think we may use resistance bands in the routine since those are very easily packable and won’t take any space. I’ll share what I learn for those interested.

Well, thanks for reading this week and good luck on your wellness journey, whatever it may be!


3 responses

  1. wow. If only I can convince some of my clients that it is really hard work

  2. Great job!!! I’m super proud of both you and Kenny, and since I don’t see you every day, I do notice the difference every week. Look at pictures from six months ago. That’s where you’ll start to see it. Also, I hope you took some before photos when you started. Not to share (like I do, because I’m crazy) but for yourself. I did, and it’s a really great motivator whenever I wasn’t feeling the changes or seeing them in myself. One quick comparison with old vs present and I had all the motivation I needed for the week.

  3. 5lbs a month- that’s fantastic! Way to go- it’s the gradual change that sticks. So happy for you and impressed with your hard work!

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