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Cravings: Reality vs. Expectations

It’s been 6 months since I started down this Paleo journey (with an initial Whole 30) and it’s been an interesting journey but pretty positive overall. I thought I’d share my personal experience with cravings:

What I still miss:

  • popcorn, especially at the movies – we skipped the popcorn on the first few movies but we now do allow ourselves a popcorn treat the few times we go. We don’t snack on popcorn at home anymore though.
  • an occasional coke, especially the sweeter “Mexican” coke – I wasn’t a big Coke drinker but man, sometimes I really craved one. I think I’ve only a handful of Cokes since I started (I can count the number of times on one hand)
  • orange juice – this was my favorite drink and I still really miss it. I may re-introduce it occasionally and water it down with sparkling water.
  • chips & queso
  • flavorful drinks – unsweet tea, unsweet coffee and sparking water with fruit essence just gets old
  • doughnuts, especially doughnut holes

What you’d think I miss but don’t really:junk-food

  • milk – unsweetened almond milk has been a good substitute
  • my daily glass of chocolate milk for breakfast – I’ve replaced this with 2 boiled eggs
  • pizza (I’m surprised by this one)
  • rice
  • regular ice cream – because I like the coconut milk based Coconut Bliss ice cream to satiate my occasional cravings
  • cupcakes/pastries – because I can bake paleo versions that are pretty darn yummy
  • bread and other grains – occasionally I find it hard to resist some yummy rolls but so far, I’ve been pretty good
  • chips/salty snacks – we have found great root vegetable chips and plantain chips to replace potato chips & pretzels

What are your cravings and struggles when you eat healthy?