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Health Check

I recently had my annual exam and I asked my doctor to re-do my blood work because I was curious to see if and how my numbers had been affected by the change in diet. This page and this page helped me understand my numbers a bit better. Here they are:

Cholesterol / HDL Ratio (reference range 3.90 – 5.80)
Oct 2016: 3.28
Oct 2015: 5.08

I was within range but on the higher end. It’s nice to see the number drop to the low end of this range.

Cholesterol LVL (reference range <=199 mg/dL)
Oct 2016: 151 mg/dL
Oct 2015: 183 mg/dL

My total cholesterol has always been in an optimal range but it’s nice to see it drop further.

LDL (optimal range <=99 mg/dL) (“bad” cholesterol)
Oct 2016: 84 mg/dL
Oct 2015: 105 mg/dL

My bad cholesterol was just above the optimal range but that has now fallen to within the best acceptable range. Woohoo!

HDL Cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) (optimal range >=61 mg/dL; moderate if it’s between 40-60; at risk below 40; women should have it higher than men at at least 50)
Oct 2016: 46 mg/dL
Oct 2015: 36 mg/dL

My good cholesterol always seems to be too low and out of optimal range. It still is but at least it is going up and getting closer to a better number. Research tells me that the way to raise this number is to stop smoking (I never have), eating better (I now am) and cardio exercise. So I guess I need to work on that 3rd option, huh.

Triglycerides (reference range <=149 mg/dL; high is >200 mg/dL)
Oct 2016: 106 mg/dL
Oct 2015: 211 mg/dL

This number was practically cut in half and I am now in optimal range – yay! I didn’t even realize I had been so high.

VLDL (reference range <30 mg/dL)
Oct 2016: 21
Oct 2015: 42

I had to research this a little. It’s a calculated not measure number but this article says it needs to be under 30. It seems that I was above that number last year but I am now in the optimal range. This is the 3rd number that went from being too high to falling into an optimal range.

In conclusion, ALL of my numbers have improved over the past year. I don’t have definitive proof of course but I think it is safe to say that the weight loss and change in diet I made in the past 4 months were significant factors in helping these numbers improve!

And bonus? Because of Paleo, I’ve eaten more bacon than usual and the numbers are still down – because as it is being shown, current nutritional advice is based on bad science and it’s a myth that food fat makes you fat and raises your cholesterol!